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Led by Madgel Miller, CPA, CFE, My Company Books is a platform for you to learn how to better manage your company’s financial record using Quickbooks.  Over 16 years of experience has been shaped into a direct offering of training business professionals on becoming more organized and less stressed.  

Our team looks forward to the many different offerings we will be bringing to your doorstep!  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or questions you may have.

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"My Company Books has not only changed the way I conduct my bookkeeping, but has successfully decreased my tax and payroll frustrations as a small business owner!"

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There are multiple ways to contract our services.  From working directly with your team to taking part in one of our webinars, 
you are sure to receive quality information each and every communication.

Conversion to QuickBooks

We can help set up a Chart of Accounts and convert your current accounting over to QuickBooks. You're life will become much more efficient as a result.

Training & Education

We provide a range of services for educating you to run your own books better. Check out our upcoming webinars or prerecorded video database!

Bookkeeping Services

Don't have the time to keep up with the company books? Let our team take over and help with the organization and upkeep of your company's finances.

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Your partner in accounting.

Our hope is to develop a relationship with your team and help you with your books as you work on scaling your business

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Our Expert Accountant

Madgel Miller, CPA, CFE

Owner / Operator

Madgel is a 1998 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY.  She later joined Cloyd & Associates, PLC in 2002 and has become a partner in serving Central and South Kentucky.

She has begun branching out by consulting one-on-one with businesses on managing their company books and decided to help the masses by creating an online platform as a hub for her services.

Julie Anderson

Chief Financial Advisor

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